Friday, 26 February 2021


     Yeah, so I had to move out to live with my dear parents. Before that let me tell you, my elementary and first two years in primary school was perfect. But then, what comes after is not what I expected. As I had to move out, I obviously needed to change school and I was admitted to one of the best primary school in the region. WELL, AGAIN THAT WAS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED. Going to that particular school changed my life in the worst possible ways. I was surrounded by beautiful girls and handsome little boys by whom I was bullied and traumatized. Yeah it was that bad or worse than you can imagine. They would steal my pencil case which was okay compared to throwing my bag from the second floor and beat the shit out of me. Forget about the students, even teachers would not like me. Maybe because I was a newbie and this was how newbies were treated there or they were just arrogant. Day by day, it would get worse and I would complain to my mom who will of course not believe or did not pay attention to what I was going through. Look my mom is not a bad woman, she is so self-centered, and think maybe all about her and my brother. And this was my everyday routine. School, bullied and complaining.

     Four years later, it was the time I awaited the most, the time to enter college. New school, new friends, new classes, new subjects and a whole new phase, ADOLESCENCE. I was no more a child, I was an adolescent. There, I met a beautiful soul, my bestfriend. Messy, tomboyish, rebel and naturally beautiful, Yuliya. Well we were not best friends at first. We did not like each other until we were put together for a class project. We started talking until one day we were climbing the stairs to go to a chemistry class when I asked her 'Can we be bestfriends?'. She replied with an attitude, 'Okay.' And we were inseparable. I still remember this as if it was yesterday. 

Tuesday, 23 February 2021


Pretty intense title isn't it? Well, don't worry I will make it up to you.

              It was a sunny day I guess, a pretty woman met a handsome man just like the other love stories. Well you know the drill, they fell in love and then that 'life changing twist' ( trust me I'm not cheesy, at least I'm trying not to be). The pretty woman who is my mom and that handsome man who later became my dad, started to date each other where things began to get quite messy later on. They were fighting, yeah like crazy, my dad would slap my mom and to top it off, my mother's family would not accept them to be together. However disapprovals only reigned until they were married legally and divorce was CLEARLY not an option. Where I live, a girl is often stigmatized if she becomes pregnant without being both legally and religiously married and this was what shook my mom's life. She was pregnant! And with who? With me, your girl (a wink). Unfortunately, my mom and my dad were not that happy, and being from the typical 90s,of course they went to consult friends for advice. And BOOM, pretty much it was too late for me to leave the warm comfy womb of my mom, I wanted to roll in there, I wanted to stay, so 'MISSION ABORTION' was cancelled. I stayed and when families got to know, trust me they were not that happy happy about it.

            Their parents, that is my grandparents decided to wait for me to slip down the womb and breathe on earth, and got them married and this time, 'religiously'. Everyone loved me, (yeah strange ). My maternal grandmother, my Maa with whom I grew up, took care of me along with my uncles, aunties and obviously my parents. A year later, mom was pregnant with my brother. My parents moved out from my maternal grandparent's house and went to live in the house my grandpa (paternal) built. I stayed with Maa, and my parents would come every weekend to visit me or I would go. I shared most of my childhood with my Maa as compared to the love and affection I supposedly had to receive from my mother but I do not complain. I loved it. Fast forward seven years later it was that 'time of the century', to move out and go live with my parents.

If you want to know the rest, you know what you have to do. 😃


      Yeah, so I had to move out to live with my dear parents. Before that let me tell you, my elementary and first two years in primary sch...